Brax becomes streamer for T1

In a tweet from T1, we learn that Brax is retiring from the competitive scene to become a full-streamer for the organisation.

Brawton "brax" Pierce was a CS:GO wunderkind before he was banned from Valve's FPS for good. He then became the first professional player to sign a contract for a Valorant team, even before the game's beta. At the time, he was working for T1 before leaving the organisation and joining TSM. In both teams, he failed to achieve success.

Brax explains in a TwitLonger that he no longer has the mentality to compete. This past year has been full of ups and downs and he is confident that he will find happiness as a content creator instead.

For this occasion, he returns to T1 as a content creator. This is a classic career move for professional gamers, and one that TenZ himself wanted to try before being bought out by Sentinels. More and more esports organisations are recruiting streamers as the face of their brands. This creates a real connection between the fans of the content creators and the organisation itself. In addition, unlike esports, which only really pays out when you win, streaming represents a more regular and continuous revenue source.

It remains to be seen whether Brax will ever return to the competition. Only time will tell.