BraveAF will play for Fnatic

While many teams had been finalising their rosters for several weeks, it was not the case for Fnatic. But now, it's done, and the European organisation has recently announced that BraveAF would be the fifth player of the team.

Former CIS player, BraveAF changed organisations several times during the 2021 season. He first went to tyeasy, with which he participated in the Masters 1 CIS. In May, he moved to One Breath Gaming and made top 4 and top 2 at Challengers 1 and 2 in Phase 3. The team narrowly missed out on a playoff spot after being beaten 3-2 in the final by forZe.

Soon after the roster was released and BraveAF played for several small teams in tournaments with no real stakes. He will soon be back on the VCT as he is now joining Fnatic.

The English team has already qualified for the Challengers 1 EMEA main event. They have been invited following their participation in the Valorant Champions, in which they made a top 5-8. While the first half of 2021 has not been brilliant, the second half has gone much better and the team has placed very well in several Challengers, even scoring a top 2 in top 2 to Reykjavik Masters.

We hope that this new VCT season will be as good as the first one and that we will see the organisation again at the next Champions. In the meantime, see you on 11th February for the start of the Challengers 1 EMEA main event.