BIG finalises its roster before the start of Challengers EMEA 2

Challengers EMEA 2 is about to start and this is the last moment for teams to finalise their rosters. This Wednesday 11th May, BIG has therefore announced the recruitment of two new players: luckeRRR and musashi.

BIG was already one of the 12 teams present at the Challengers 1 EMEA, but the German team was not far from relegation. The German team quickly found itself in trouble during the tournament and did not win a single match out of five.

As a result of these poor results, the team ended the competition with a top 11-12 and had to participate in the VCT Promotion with SuperMassive Blaze. Against the best teams in the VRL, BIG had done quite well and had managed to qualify for the Challengers 2 EMEA with Fokus, a team from VRL Germany.

But when you say new qualification, you also say new roster. Changes have been made, notably following the gob departure G who has decided to leave CS:GO. To replace him, not one but two players have been recruited by the structure. They are luckeRRR and musashi.

The two new recruits have both played in the VRL recently. LuckeRRR in the VRL Nothern Europe with Alliance and finished top 4 in split 1. Musashi was in VRL Spain and played for Rebels Gaming. With his team he finished in first place in the league. Qualified for the VCT Promotion, he unfortunately only made a top 4 with his teammates.

Now that they have joined BIG, they will be able to evolve in VCT. We wish them good luck in this adventure and we hope that this new roster will keep all its promises. To see them play, go to the Friday 13th May on the official Twitch channel of Valorant.