beGenius ESC completes its roster for the VRL France split 2

A few days ago, beGenius ESC has announced the new roster members hired for the second split of the VRL France.

beGenius ESC is one of the 10 teams that is participating in Split 2 of the Valorant Regional League France. Invited by Riot Games for Split 1, the French team managed to make a top 3-4 with 3 wins, 2 draws and 2 defeats. These results are therefore quite satisfactory.

However, in order to make the split 2 as perfect as possible, the team has undergone some changes to its roster. Ridder and Davidp have been thanked and replaced by hvoya and Leare.

Before arriving at beGenius, hvoya played at KPI Gaming. With this team, he participated in the EMEA Challengers Qualifier and made top 3 in Closed Qualifier 1 and top 4 in Closed Qualifier 2, which was not enough to get a place in the main event.

As of Leare , he also participated in the Challengers' qualifiers, but with Team Queso. Unfortunately, the results were not up to scratch and the team was eventually entered in the VRL Spain where she made a top 5-6.

Now that the beGenius roster is complete, we know the players of all the teams involved in VRL France. To see them compete, see you on 9th May from 6 pm on the Twitch channel of the league.