BearClaw recruits former T1 and Cloud9 players

The esports organisation BearClaw Gaming gets started on Valorant. The team BearClaw Esports is made up of former players from big Korean teams, including former T1 and Cloud9 players.

The arrival of the Valorant Champions Tour seems to have brought new rules for the competitions. Although we don't have confirmation, it appears that a sinngle organisation cannot have teams in multiple regions. At the beginning of December, we then saw the splits of the teams T1 Korea and Cloud9 Korea.

Both teams were relatively strong though, and it would have been a shame to see all that talent wasted. BearClaw Gaming has therefore started its own Valorant team, around a small group of players who are used to playing together. This is how we find a fairly... unique line-up.

Harry and 10X are two former T1 Korea players. Following the separation of their teams, they started playing with Buzz, former Cloud9, and with Gana, former TUBEPLE, Korea minor team. The fifth man is more suprising since it's Intro, former player of CrazyRaccoon, a team that participated in the Japanese First Strike. Pavane, former Cloud9 coach, becomes the COO of BearClaw Gaming.

This announcement comes a few weeks after Riot Games unveiled a plan to support Korean teams. While the birthplace of esports boasts some of the best players in the world, Riot Games is struggling to motivate large organisations to get started with Valorant. The shutdown of Korean teams from T1 and Cloud9 also left a big void.

The arrival of such a compelling group as BearClaw Gaming could be the first in a long list to revitalise the Korean ecosystem. However, it will take a few tournaments to see if they live up to the Vision Strikers, unmatched champions of Korea.