BBL Esports continues to make changes

Just a week ago, the Turkish team BBL Esports announced the recruitment of Turko as the sixth player of its roster. Since then, another change has been made and the structure has just announced that Muj becomes an inactive member of the team.

Last year, BBL Esports had a good season, winning several stages of the VCT, as well as taking a second place in the Masters 1 Turkey. However, things are much more complicated for the team this year.

Once its 2021 season was over, the organisation made many changes to the roster, but it doesn't seem to be working. Qualifying for the Challengers 1 EMEA main event, they have since failed to win a single match. They were first defeated by Guild Esports, then by Fnatic last week.

Following the recruitment of Turko, Muj did not play in the second week of the competition. It has now been reported that he has become an inactive member of the roster and is open to new offers.

It remains to be seen whether he will find a new team during the season. In the meantime, meet on Saturday 26th February to see BBL Esports against G2 Esports.