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Allow and Suggest leave NUTURN Gaming

This week, NUTURN Gaming announced that it was parting ways with two its players: Park " allow " Sang-wook and Seo " Suggest " Jae-young.

NUTURN Gaming is one of the best Korean teams in Valorant, having placed second in the Korean Masters 1 and third at the Reykjavik Masters. However, the team then failed to qualify for the Berlin Masters with its 5-8th place in the Phase 3 Challengers Playoffs. In addition, its 4th place in the APAC Last Chance Qualifier did not allow it to participate in the Valorant Champions in December either.

These two failures mentioned above have led to several changes in the team's roster. Since July, 4 players have left the Korean organisation: Kim " Lakia " Jong-min, who went back to Vision Strikers, Choi " 10X " Jin-woo and allow and Suggest, two members of NUTURN since the creation of the team.

With these departures, only peri and solo are left from the original roster of NUTURN. The two thirty-year-olds are accompanied by Hyeoni who joined the team at the beginning of September. NUTURN will have to recruit at least two other players, a duelist and a initiator, in order to have a complete roster able to participate in tournaments.