Alliance recruits Fearoth as captain

We already knew, Alliance was planning to launch on Valorant this year. The organisation intends to reveal its roster little by little. Alliance announces its captain: Fearoth.

Alliance is a Swedish organisation, best known for its DOTA2 and League of Legends teams. It also signed a few players to represent them on Fortnite and Apex Legends. Valorant represents their first foray into the world of tactical FPS.

In December, the organisation announced the recruitment of James Banks. This commentator with no less than 20 years of esports experience is responsible for leading the Valorant branch of Alliance. It's up to him to find the best players and the best staff, taking advantage of the resources of his organisation.

The first recruit is therefore Enzo " Fearoth " Mestari. It's a new chapter for the French player. He starred alongside HyP in the early days of Valorant, before they joined Ninjas in Pyjamas together. A few months later, both players left the organisation and Fearoth formed the team FeaFeaFea. Is it won local tournaments like the Occitanie Esport and the Valorant Grand Invitational, it has also had a series of fails at the Valorant First Strike.

Confident in the player's potential, Banks recruited him as the team's captain. "He’s had a great career so far. He is my first building block to make this magic happen.”, he said in the official statement.

We should know soon the players who will join Fearoth in this adventure. We can only be happy to see a new organisation launch into Valorant, moreover with an excellent player.