All winners of Valorant Challengers Leagues EMEA Split 1

Last August, Riot Games unveiled some changes for VRL, including the addition of several leagues around the world. In the EMEA region, the studio wanted to expand the system to Italy and Portugal. So now there are nine different VCLs, namely Northern Europe, Spain, France, DACH, Turkey, Eastern Europe, Italy, Portugal and MENA. We invite you to discover the big winners of this first segment, which ended on Sunday 12th March.

VCL France : Revolution

Supra Beaux Gosses

Unveiled shortly before the launch of the first Split, the SBG mix has been very successful. In the five weeks of the regular season, the team won 14 games and lost only four. With such results, they went straight to the playoffs in the semi-finals. After beating Valiant, SBG won their first title by beating Mandatory 3 to 1.

Final ranking

1st - Supra Beaux Gosses
2nd - Mandatory
3/4th - Zerance
3/4th - Valiant
5/6th - Wylde

5/6th - Joblife
7th - beGenius
8th - Heet
9th - BLX United
10th - 3DMax

VCL Spain: Rising

Case Esports

The top of the regular season standings was hotly contested in the VCL Spain. At the end of several weeks of competition, Team Queso had 14 wins to 4 losses, and Case Esports 13 wins to 5 losses. With one win each, their reunion in the playoff final had an air of revenge about it. Case Esports finally won 3-1.

Final ranking

1st - Case Esports
2nd - Team Queso
3/4 - UCAM Esports Club
3/4th - Falcons
5/6th - KPI Gaming

5/6th - Rebels Gaming
7th - ZETA
8th - Movistar Riders
9th - Ramboot Club
10th - AYM Esports

VCL Northern Europe : Polaris


In the VCL Northern Europe, only the teams Human Tripwires and Who cars? were already present in the VRL last year. Their experience of the scene could have made their task easier, but this was without counting on the arrival of very good teams, such as FOKUS or Apeks. The latter, set up by the Frenchman Enzo, was outstanding in the regular season and in the playoffs. It won 3-1 against FOKUS in an intense and electric final!

Final ranking

1st - Apeks
2nd - FOKUS
3rd - HSDIRR
4th - The Little Jesters

5th - Bonk
6th grade - Who cars ?
8th - Human Tripwires

VCL DACH: Evolution

CGN Esports

CGN Esports is a very good team as we discovered during the the Lyon Esport. However, the team struggled in the regular season, finishing in fourth place. During the playoffs, the final almost slipped through their fingers, but their victory against Angry Titans in the Loser Bracket gave them another chance to show their skills. A chance it seized with both hands, as it won this last match 3-0, against the Unicorns of Love.

Final ranking

1st - CGN Esports
2nd - Unicorns of Love
3rd - Angry Titans
4th - MOUZ

6th - AEX-1
7th - Ovation eSports
8th - TBD

VCL Turkey : Birlik

S2G Esports

S2G Esports was among the teams invited to the VCL Turkey Split 1: Birlik. With a total of 6 wins and 3 losses, they finished fourth in the regular season. In the playoffs, the team defeated the favoured Istanbul Wildcats and Fire Flux Esports to reach the final. The team went on to dominate the final battle and won 3-0 against SuperMassive.

Final ranking

1st - S2G Esports
2nd - SuperMassive Esports
3/4th - Fire Flux Esports
3/4th - Parla Esports
5/6th - Istanbul Wildcats

5/6th - Galatasaray Esports
7th - Digital Athletics
8th - Fenerbahçe Esports
9th - Thunderbolts Gaming
10th - Galakticos

VCL East: Surge


Acend is probably one of the oldest teams in the Valorant sports scene. After two years in the VCT, they joined the VCL East with a brand new roster of six players. Together they dominated the regular season, winning 15 times and losing only 3 times. During the playoff final, Acend defeated Enterprise Esports 3-0.

Final ranking

1st - Acend
2nd - Enterprise Esports
34th - Anonymo Esports
4th - Cyber Wolves Esports
5th - Rapid Ninjas

6th - Diamond Esports
7th - Anorthosis Famagusta Esports
8th - B8 Esports
9th - Zero Tenacity
10th - NAME eSports

VCL MENA: Resilience

Team RA'AD/Unity Esports

The VCL MENA comprises two sub-regions, namely GCC & Iraq on the one hand, and the Levant and North Africa on the other. In the former, Unity Esports was able to get revenge on Team Falcons in the final after a loss in the semi-final of the top bracket. For their part the RA'AD Team won the loser semi-final, then the final, before defeating Geekay Esports in the Grand Final.

Final ranking

GCC & Iraq

1st - Unity Esports
2nd - Team Falcons
3rd - Triple Esports Club
4th - Twisted Minds
5th - The Ultimates
6th - Valiant Esports
7th - Dice 10
8th - Ashur Esports


1st - Team RA'AD
2nd - Geekay Esports
3rd - NASR Esports
4th - Onyx Ravens
5th - GnG Esports
6th - FATE Esports
7th - Bravado Gaming
8th - Team Majesty

VCL Italy : Rinascimento

GMT Esports

Italy was one of two new zones added to the VRL (now VCL) system this year. GMT Esports was a surprise. The team first won the first Qualifier to enter the League. They then finished third in the regular season and qualified for the playoffs. Full of determination, GMT Esports defeated MACKO Esports, HMBLE and Dsyre in succession to win their first major title.

Final ranking

1st - GMT Esports
2nd - Dsyre
3rd - HMBLE
4th - MACKO Esports

5th - QLASH
6th - WLGaming Esports
7th - Axolotl
8th - Outplayed

VCL Portugal: Tempest


As we said before, there were two new areas. Italy was the first, Portugal the second. SAW, the big winner of this VCL is from the VCE amateur circuit. It first of all flew through the regular season, only one defeat in fourteen games, they then beat GTZ twice in a row in the Upper Final and then in the Grand Final.

Final ranking

1st - SAW
2nd - GTZ Esports
3rd - EGN Esports
4th - VIKINGS Fourteen

5th - Ex0Tik Gaming
6th - For The Win Esports
7th - Impulse Gaming Warriors
8th - Panthers Esports

As a reminder, teams accumulate VCL points according to their place in the final ranking. At the end of the next competition period, in each league, the worst teams will face the best teams of the amateur circuits, in a promotion-relegation tournament.

The second Split of the year takes place between the end of March and the beginning of April. Again, all Grand Finals will take place at the same time. We will know the winners of Split 2 on 11th June 2023.