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AKUMAAAAA and Goaster join Mandatory's Valorant team

We've been teasing you for a while, we've even pulled your leg a bit with the so-called MoMaN recruitment, but now it's time to reveal the two new players of the Mandatory Valorant team! We are pleased to announce that they are AKUMAAA and Goaster who will now proudly wear the hammer. They join HyP, APO and hoppY as soon as Split 2.

Akumaaaaa, new Mandatory player

Alex 'AKUMAAAAA' Lo Bello is a former CS:GO pro player, but is best known on Valorant for his work with the Opportunists and then the Team BDS. He was among them when they participated in the Valorant Masters and won the Valorant Open Tour France Summer Tournament. AKUMAAAAA joins the team as a Sova player, although he can very well adapt to the role of Controller if required.

I'm back with my bro hoppY and that's priceless 🥰 Especially since it's my first team with my brother Goaster and I can't wait to see what it will be like. A huge part of the ZeratoR community follows MDR, and having the support of the community, there is nothing better. It motivates you every day, every game, and really it's so amazing to receive messages from fans. My goal is to be top 1 in France and then I want to be top in Europe. I want to be top 1. No room for top 2.

AKUMAAAAA, new player of the Mandatory Valorant team

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Goaster, new Mandatory player

Tony 'Goaster' Richard is also a former CS:GO pro. He was a teammate of AKUMAAAAA and followed him on Valorant when the game launched. Goaster has been a part of Megastitute and Last Dance, but has more recently been a part of Sector One in winning the Split 1 of the VRL France, a few weeks ago! He is an outstanding Duelist who handles Jett particularly well.

I am very happy and motivated to join Mandatory! I'm also happy to join the team with my guy AKUMAAAAA, to meet my former teammates from Last Dance, and of course hoppY! I consider and value the whole team, both the players and the staff. I feel confident with them and I am convinced that we share the same vision.

Goaster, new player in the Mandatory team

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The two players know each other very well, and they already know their new teammates as well, since they have met in the biggest French-speaking mixes.

If the first Split was an opportunity for Mandatory to lay the foundations of a team, this new line-up has greater ambitions. These changes reflect our desire to reach the top of the ranking in France from this Split 2.

I am very proud to welcome AKUMAAAAA and Goaster to Mandatory, they are two very talented players who have already proven that they have the stature to fight in Europe. AKUMAAAAA is a versatile player in several roles and has a great deal of power. His firepower and all the experience he has accumulated make him a very complete player. Goaster is our new duelist, very good at every agent in his role, both sniper and rifle. He is not afraid to take the initiative and is capable of taking the game by storm if put in the right conditions.

Menegh, coach of the Mandatory Valorant team

AKUMAAAAA and Goaster are established players who are known internationally for their levels of play. Their arrival will undoubtedly improve us enormously as a team. They are a great fit for our team both for their role in the game and their personalities.

HyP, captain of the Mandatory Valorant team

The new Mandatory team will take its first steps at the launch of the VRL Split 2, at the beginning of May 2022. We hope that you will give our two new players a warm welcome and that you will be as loyal to the hammer as ever for this brand new stage. Because we're really not here to laugh. #MDR