Acend benches Kiles

The first Challengers of the year ended recently with the victory of FunPlus Phoenix. It is now time for a change for the teams that did not manage to qualify for the Masters in Reykjavik. This is notably the case forAcend, that has decided to make some changes to its roster and to put Kiles on the sidelines.

Last season, the team won the first European Masters, the first Phase 3 Challengers, but above all the Valorant Champions. As a reigning world champions, the players were expected to perform well at the Challengers 1 2022. Unfortunately this was not the case.

Acend has experienced a hectic group phase and won only two out of five games. As a result, they finished in fifth place in their group, which is equivalent to a top 9-10 over the whole competition. They therefore did not qualify for the Masters 1 Reykjavik.

As a result of these findings, the European organisation has decided to put BONECOLD on the bench on 23rd March. Two weeks later, it was the turn of Kiles to be thanked and sidelined.

As stated in the structure's tweet, the player is still under contract but is free to explore other options. As for the team, it is now without two members.

We will probably know more in the coming weeks about the future of BONECOLD and Kiles, and the players who will replace them. In any case, we hope to see them again at the second Challengers of the season, which will start in mid-May.