Acend and Fnatic participate in the BME Superdome

The BME Superdome is one of the off-season competitions of the VCT 2022. Although it is mainly dedicated to the teams of the MENA region, two of the best teams in Europe have been invited. This year, the teams are Fnatic and Acend.

The BME Superdome is one of the numerous tournaments which punctuate the off-season of this VCT 2022. It offers viewers a confrontation between the six best teams in the ANMO region and two of the best teams in the European region, namely Fnatic and Acend.

The competition will take place from 16th to 22nd October, online. Only the final will be held in person, at the Cairo Stadium's Indoor Hall, in front of more than 10,000 spectators.

The BME Superdome format

The event consists of a group stage and final stages. From 16th to 19th October, the teams will compete every day. Seven matches will be played each day, in one winning round.

The finals will start three days later, on 22nd October. They will all be played in BO3 and three matches will be played on the day: the quarter-finals, the semi-finals and the final.

The teams invited to the BME Superdome

Geekay Esports logo
Geekay Esports (MENA)
NASR Esports logo
NASR Esports (MENA)
Piercer Esports logo
Piercer Esports (MENA)
Team Falcons logo
Team Falcons (MENA)
Team Ra'ad logo
Team Ra'ad (MENA)
YaLLa Esports logo
YaLLa Esports (MENA)
Acend logo
Acend (EMEA)
Fnatic logo
Fnatic (EMEA)

How to follow the BME Superdome?

All matches in the BME Superdome will be broadcast on the BME Esports Twitch channel. For those who would like to attend the final, you can now book your tickets on the BME website, for the price of 200 EGP per seat, i.e. approximately €10.