100 Thieves fires its players and recruits nitr0

Very unhappy with the performance of its Valorant team, Nadeshot, the leader of 100 Thieves decided to get rid of four of his players. To start again with a clean slate, 100 Thieves announced the recruitment of Nick "nitr0" Canella as new captain.

100 Thieves is currently widely laughed at in the United States for its performances on various games. Some criticisms particularly hurt the staff, which made Nadeshot react.

"I am not happy that we are losing. I'm not and I intend to do something about it. [...] It's unfair when people say we don't care, because 100 Thieves employees live and breathe the brand every day. I'm not happy with our results, but my real problem is with people who say we're not doing anything to improve."

Matthew "Nadeshot" Haag, during one of his streams.

To walk the walk as well as talk the talk, 100 Thieves hits hard by announcing the recruitment of nitr0. If you don't know him, it's a star player of Counter Strike who previously worked for Team Liquid, in the United-STates. It has been several days since nitr0 stopped hiding his interest in Valorant and it was rumoured that we was looking for a team. Now he's the captain of 100 Thieves, he only has to choose his players.

We can say that 100 Thieves was rather indelicate for its team change. It must be said that the performance of the team was quite disastrous. Since July, they've only won 6 of the 20 maps played... and these wins were usually against minor teams.

It's not the first time we've seen this kind of extreme reorganisation. Ninjas in Pyjamas also let its players go, for significantly different reasons.

Nitr0 must therefore compose a new team. He already has Hiko by his side, the only survivor of the original team. But the most difficult thing for Nitr0 will be above all to prove his worth. Will he be able to transfer his talent from CS to Valorant?