10 Thieves changes its coaching staff

As the regular season of the first Challengers North America has come to an end, some teams have decided that it is time to make some changes. This is notably the case for 100 Thieves. The organisation has not touched its players for the moment but has just recruited new members for its coaching staff.

The 100 Thieves had a difficult start to the season. Although they were invited to participate in the first phase of the NA Challengers, their performance has not lived up to expectations. In the last few weeks, the roster played five matches and won only one. As a result, the team finished in fifth place in their group and did not qualify for the playoffs.

Only two weeks after the start of the competition, the organisation made the choice to make the first changes among the players. Thus, ec1s and BabyJ gave way to bang and jcStani, both on loan to the team from TSM and Pioneers.

With a change in the middle of the season, the players had very little time to learn to play together and have a real team game. As a result, the defeats continued and, following this bad ranking, new changes took place but this time on the side of the coaches and managers.

To begin with, Jovi was released. Having only become head coach in January, it seemed that he had not managed to prove himself. To replace him, the organisation called on sgares, a former CS:GO player. With his years of experience on Valve's FPS, he has proven himself and will hopefully help the team to shine in the coming months. He will be assisted by Mikes, who started at G2 Esports and then moved to Team Envy. Finally, DDK has been recruited as the new general manager.

For the moment, no changes have been announced on the players' side. However, we imagine that the organisation will wait to see the results obtained with its new coaching staff before touching its roster.

They now have several weeks to train and we hope to see them back in shape for the second Challengers of the year.