CGN Esports and Acend in the final of the Mandatory Cup 2023

The semi-finals of the Mandatory Cup 2023 have come to an end and we now know the 2 finalist teams! CGN Esports and Acend defeated NASR Esport and UCAM Tokiers respectively, and will meet again on 19 December to win the €15,000 at stake in the tournament.

Semi-final 1: CGN Esports vs NASR Esports

Winner : CGN Esports

Map 1 - Ascent
CGN 13 - 7 NASR

Map 2 - Haven
CGN 13 - 4 NASR

Map 3 - Lotus

This first semi-final was a rushed affair! CGN Esports made mincemeat of NASR Esport on Ascent and even more so on Haven. While it was DaviH who kept his opponents at bay on the first map, it was Jett and BennY on Gekko who were on all fronts on Haven. The NASR Esport players seemed overwhelmed by the aggressiveness of the CGNs, both on Attack and during the Defence retakes.

Semi-final 2: Acend vs UCAM Tokier

Winner : NASR Esport

Map 1 - Breeze
Acend 13 - 7 UCAM

Map 2 - Bind
Acend 13 - 15 UCAM

Map 3 - Sunset
Acend 13 - 6 UCAM

The first side from BO3 on Breeze was fairly close, but Acend's superiority over UCAM Tokier in Defence was undeniable. However, the Spanish structure did not have the last word. On Bind, their composition without Viper, and especially Famsii's Yoru, surprised Acend, who took time to adapt to his unpredictable moves. It was finally on Sunset, the last competitive map to date, that Acend finished this semi-final with a gala ALIVE on his Raze.

As a reminder, the Grand Final of the Mandatory Cup 2023 will take place on the following dates 19 December at 6pm and will be streamed on the ZeratoR chain.