Launch of Valorant closed beta

This is the big day! On Tuesday April 7, Riot Games has officially opened VALORANT servers to the public. The game is therefore available to everyone! Well, for everyone, not really because the game enters the closed beta phase at first. Some influencers, as well as a few players selected at random from pre-registrations, can now win their spurs on this brand new competitive FPS.

For the occasion, lead designer Anna Donlon spoke on video on Valorant’s official YouTube channel. She shares her joy of finally being able to allow the public to try the game, mentions the various projects coming to improve it, while explaining the difficulty of releasing a game so awaited in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic.

For now, Valorant is currently only available in Europe and North America. Other serves should appear gradually.

The official release of Valorant is still schedule for summer 2020. Until then, new agents and new maps should arrive on beta servers.

If you, too, want to step into the shoes of an agent or throw yourself into the arena, we show you how to get access to the beta of Valorant.