Bug: Viper boosts her allies thanks to her Toxic Screen

What if Viper became the Number 1 Agent in terms of utility and mobility? Don’t laugh, it could happen thanks to an exploitation of Valorant’s physics. Viper is able to boost an ally forward over a very long distance thanks to her Toxic Screen.

Poor Viper is probably Valorant’s must unloved Agent. Her pickrate and winrate are at their lowest during the competitions. She consequently ranks very low in solo and team tierlists. But while the Patch 0.50 just gave her a tiny boost in performance, Viper found herself an unexpected new utility. When she deploys the devices of her Toxic Wall, the wave movement they create when they appear is able to raise and carry an ally far away.

Players didn’t wait very long after finding this bug to get the most out of it. They cross enemy maps, obstacles and lines in no time at all, sometimes appearing in their backs. The opponents are then surprised and their covers are no longer useful.

Some players even go so far as to develop strategies for the sole purpose of stopping opponents powered by Viper.

How to destroy bug abusers from r/VALUE

Of course, there’s little chance that Riot Games misses out on such a strategy. The developers are already chasing the different corners of the map that allow Cypher to abuse his gadgets, so it’s a safe bet that a hotfix will come to calm the new users of Viper.