ZETA Division finalises its team the VCT 2023

The news Pacific League of VCT 2023 includes teams from various regions, including Korea, India and Japan. Two teams will represent the country of the rising sun, namely DetonatioN Gaming and ZETA Division. The latter has just announced the team that will represent it for the next season of Valorant. The team is now composed of Laz, crow, Dep, SugarZ3ro, TENN and barce.

Japan's rising team

ZETA Division is undoubtedly one of, if not the best team in Japan to date. They have been present on the Valorant competitive scene since the beginning. At that time, they won Japan's First Strike under the name Jupiter. During the VCT 2021, the team mainly made its presence felt by participating in the Masters 3 in Berlin.

This year, the ZETA Divisions took their structure's colours even higher in the VCT. After a victory in the Challengers 1 from Japan, a third place in the Reykjavik Masters, the players have moved on to the Valorant Champions by ending at the top of the VCT points ranking. Nevertheless, they did not manage to qualify for the playoffs and finished in 9th/12th position.

The Japanese will have the opportunity to further improve their world ranking next year. ZETA Division has secured its ticket to the VCT 2023, and will therefore participate in the Pacific League, alongside Gen.G, Global Esports, Paper Rex and DRX among others.

Roster locked, New adventure unlocked!

While some structures are completely revising the composition of their team, like Sentinels, others are continuing the VCT adventure with their roster from the previous season. This is the case of ZETA Division. The organisation has chosen to keep all its players, Laz, crow, Dep, SugarZ3ro, TENN. In addition to these five members, it had to find a sixth member, as required by the new regulation. To this end, it signed barce.

This player is well known to the structure, as he was part of the very first ZETA Division roster, along with Laz, Reita, crow and takej. He then joined the content creation team as a streamer, before being transferred to DetonatioN Gaming White.

Next year, the selected teams will have to travel to their league's partner city for regular season games. The three cities selected are Berlin for the EMEA region, Los Angeles for the Americas region and Seoul for the Pacific. To facilitate their training and travel, ZETA Division announced that the players and staff will move to South Korea soon.

The team will be able to show the fruits of its labour during the first stage of the VCT 2023, i.e. the Kickoff Tournament. This opening tournament will take place next February in São Paulo, and will bring together the thirty teams from around the world.