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Mandatory launches its Valorant esport team!

Z Agency, born from the collaboration between ZeratoR and ZQSD Productions, continues its development and creates its esport team, under the aegis of its media Mandatory.GG.

High ambitions for a long-term project

ZQSD Productions, an agency renowned for its high quality audiovisual productions, and ZeratoR, one of the most renowned French streamers in the industry, are continuing their collaboration by creating their own esport team. 

With several years of common experience, notably via the communication and influence agency Z Agency, Nicolas 'Meteora' Di Martino, President of ZQSD Productions, and Adrien 'ZeratoR' Nougaret have this time chosen the Valorant esport scene for their new common project. Already present via the Mandatory.GG media, they now surround themselves with 6 new people who join the brand new Mandatory.GG esport team.

Launched on 24th April 2020, Mandatory.GG is originally a media specialising in Valorant, Riot Games' popular first-person shooter by ZeratoR and Meteora.

The entire media and agency team works closely with the players and the coach to ensure that they are in the best possible condition.

Meet the Mandatory.GG team

Like any competitive organisation, the team wants to perform well while putting a point of honour to the well being of its players and the cohesion of the team. Even if the team is aiming for the top of the French Valorant scene, benevolence, good humour and respect for opponents are the key words of the Mandatory.GG adventure. If the ambitions are great, the priority is to create a healthy atmosphere and a perennial project. The players will have to prove themselves against teams sometimes composed of more experienced players, and they will be able to count on more than 20 people composing the Mandatory.GG staff in order to support them in this course.

The #039;team Valorant of Mandatory
The Valorant team of Mandatory

Composed of 5 players with different backgrounds, the team is guided by a renowned coach whose mission is to unify the various personalities. Thibaut 'Menegh'" Brognard, former analyst of Ninjas in Pyjamas and FunPlus Phoenix, then coach of HyP, is surrounded by 5 competitors recognized for their personality and their level of play.


Mandatory launches its Valorant esport team! - HYP 6 -

Damien 'HyP' Souville is the captain of the Mandatory.GG team. He was a member of Ninjas in Pyjamas and finished 4th in the Valorant Open Tour France with Last Dance, alongside Menegh. As captain, he will have the heavy task of ensuring cohesion within the group.


Mandatory launches its Valorant esport team! - APO 3 -

Tom 'APO' Bonnion is a former EntropiQ and Megastitut player, with which he finished second in the summer and fall tournaments of the Valorant Open Tour France. He is reunited with his long-time friend, HyP, with whom he has already played at the highest level in many games.


Mandatory launches its Valorant esport team! - CREA 4 -

Charles 'CREA^' Beauvois has long been a member of the Ninjas in Pyjamas and has notably succeeded in winning the second Challengers of Phase 1 of the Valorant Champions Tour EMEA, the official European tournament of Valorant. Back in a French organisation, CREA^ will have the ambition to prove to everyone that he has his place at the top level.


Mandatory launches its Valorant esport team ! - HOPPY 3 -

Dylan 'hoppY' Aube has finished first in the EMEA Challengers, 3 times, at the VCT 2021 and also won the Valorant Open Tour France Summer Tournament with Team BDS. Having played at the highest level of the Valorant scene, he will be able to put this experience to good use with his teammates.


Mandatory launches its Valorant esport team ! - JBZZ 3 -

Julien 'Jbzz' Dupré is one of the most popular streamers on Valorant in France and is followed by more than 330.000 people on Twitter and 361.000 people on Twitch. A former professional player on League of Legends and Fortnite, he wants to come back on the FPS scene in a big way. A competitor at heart, he will give everything for his teammates.

Thanks to these players, the Mandatory.GG team has the ambition to participate in national and European tournaments, as well as to establish itself as an indispensable team on the Valorant competitive scene.

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