Zerance introduces its team for Valorant Challengers France

There are only a few days left before the start of the Challengers France. The structures involved in the French League take advantage of this time to unveil their roster or the latest changes made. For example, Mercury, Veqaj, Babax, Lux9 and DarkLight will represent Zerance for the 2023 season. This organisation is not the only one to finalise its team recently. With the arrival of kAdavra, the Mandatory team is now complete and ready or battle!

This season of the Challengers FR will be an opportunity for the new teams to demonstrate their talent at this level of French competition. In 2022, Zerance competed in the semi-professional Valorant Open Tour France, where they achieved good results. The team then qualified for the next level by reaching the VRL Up&Down Final.

In addition to its ticket for the Challengers France, the structure has acquired a slot for the first French Cup of Valorant. Despite its efforts, the roster in place at the time was not successful and finished in 13th/16th place.

In view of its participation in the French circuit, the team was rebuilt around Mercury, Veqaj and DarkLight. These three players are reunited with a former member of the organisation, who is none other than Babax. In the last few months, he has proven to be a formidable player and is a definite asset for Zerance. The roster is completed by Lux9, an outstanding duellist. An excellent player, he has won the first place in the TOP500 of EU Radiants last December.

Roster of Zerance for the French Challengers

There is no doubt that this team will give their opponents a hard time. Their first opponents of the year are Valiant players. The two teams will meet this weekend for their opening match. If you want to follow the match, go to the league's Twitch channel, on Saturday 14th January from 8pm.