ZERANCE and only Top players advance in the tournament - VRL France Up&Down

The split 2 of the VRL France was completed a few weeks ago, crowning Vitality as the French Champion team. However, the competition did not stop there. Indeed, a phase of Up&Down has just started, pitting the four best teams of the Valorant Open Tour against Valar Morghulis, a team already from the VRL. After some hectic first matches, it is only Top players and ZERANCE who qualified for the rest of the competition.

Originally, the tournament was to be played with six teams: the top four from the Open Tour and the bottom two from the VRL France. However, OG decided to leave the competition and to part with its entire roster. Valar Morghulis has therefore qualified directly for the Upper Bracket final and will therefore only play one match.

The Up&Downs began on Thursday 18th August with an expeditious meeting between only Top players and Amazing. Hostilities began on Fracture with two rounds won by OTP. Amazing fought back by securing the next two, then became overwhelmed by the opposing players. Coffee made five first bloods of his own in the first phase of the game and contributed greatly to his team's big lead, which was 8-4 at half time. Once the roles were reversed, Amazing was out of their depth and did not win a single round, thus granting an easy victory to their opponents with the score of 13-4.

The second map, Ascent, was no more glorious and the OTP players once again ran over the other team. As in the first map, they won the first two rounds and then conceded the next two. However, they then secured five rounds in a row, again thanks to an excellent performance from Coffee, and Sp1ke. At half-time, they were well ahead with nine rounds won against only three for Amazing. The latter, despite the difficulties encountered, still managed to win the pistol round of the second phase of play. However, they then lost the last few rounds and were defeated 13-4 again. They will therefore play in the Lower Bracket for their next match, while only Top Players qualify for the semi-finals of the Upper Bracket.

The second match of the evening was between Atletec to ZERANCE and was much closer than the first match. The players started on Breeze and ZERANCE quickly took the lead, having won five rounds in a row. However, Atletec fought back perfectly and the score was 6-6 at half time. However, the transition to attack was complicated and they were largely dominated by ZERANCE in the second half of the game. Only managing to win two rounds, they lost the map 13-8.

The match continued on Bind and ZERANCE quickly took control under the impetus of Marin's Fade to lead 7-5 at half-time. Their lead was short-lived, however, as Atletec completely turned the tide in the second half. Yotaa, sabAAA and Matelian were particularly outstanding and allowed their team to regain the lead and finally win 13-10.

It all came down to Ascent and ZERANCE started very strongly and took a big lead thanks to several multikills from their players. However, this lead was short-lived as, despite the 9-3 scoreline at half-time, Atletec did not give up and bounced back to win eight out of twelve rounds in the second phase of play. Despite the comeback, it was not enough to beat ZERANCE, who closed the map 13-11, getting its place in the semi-final alongside only Top players.

On Friday 19th August, the day will start with a match between Amazing and Atletec in the Lower Bracket. This will be followed by a match between only Top Players and ZERANCE to see which of the two teams will face Valar Morghulis in the Upper Bracket final on 20th August.

If you wish to follow the competition, please visit the Twitch channel of the VRL France from 6pm.