Zedd remixes Die For You

During the opening ceremony of the final of the Valorant Champions, Valorant fans could head a tune they knew well ring out: Die For You. However, this one was slightly different from the original version, as it was remixed by Zedd.

On 22th November 2021, shortly before the launch of Valorant Champions, Riot Games unveiled the second that would be the official anthem of the event: Die For You. This one made some noise and received some great feedback from the community, as well as from teams and well-known personalities in the Valorant scene. In addition to a rather catchy rhythm, the video featured a very successful animation that taught us a bit about the lore of the game.

Gonna push the replay button till it breaks

@GambitEsports - Twitter

My heart is racing. This is just making me anxious and excited . The song had a plot and the music is great..holy fuck u guys are amazing rito.

@18rvaaa - Twitter

Determined not to stop there, the publisher of the FPS has collaborated with Zedd to offer its community a remix of the music, on the occasion of the Valorant Champions finale. This wasn't the first time the DJ has worked with Riot Games, as he had already participated in the development of Ignite, the anthem of the 2016 League of Legends Worlds.

This faster, more rhytmic, but also shorter remix was a success. Although some people expresse their preference for the original version, it was still very well received by the community.

I'm surprised. Didn't expect it to be that good

@MrDFi12 - Twitter

Wow, congratulations for this new remix.

@bhibblee - Twitter

It's assumed that, just like for League of Legends, Riot Games will offer us a new music every year for the Champions Finals. Until next year, you can always listen to Die For You, or check it out for those who haven't had a chance to hear it yet.