You might have two additional Free Agents

Following the deployment of patch 1.01, some Valorant players had a pleasant surprise. They could unlock two new Agents for free. Some have even received additional Radianite.

In all likelihood, this would come from the Riot Games patches regarding rewards. When Valorant was officialy launched in Patch 1.0,, some players have encountered bugs regarding their Battle Pass rewards. They just couldn't get them. After a week of working on the problem, Riot deployed a patch allowing everyone to recover their rewards.

In fact, it looks like they have reactivated all the rewards obtained after patching the problem, even those of the missions of the beginner contract. Players who have already completed this contract by obtaining two Agents to unlock for free have therefore again been given the right to unlock two. Don't hesitate to go on the list of Agents in the Collection tab and try the Recruit button.

It's not yet known whether these rewards will be cancelled. They probably won't be because it would be complicated and have too many implications. Note that Riot Games had exactly the same problem in awarding the first weekly Legends of Runeterra awards. The players could keep everything.