Yoru, the new Agent of Valorant, has leaked

While we expected to see Riot Games tell us more about the teased Agent in recent weeks, it looks like all information has finally leaked. This is how we learn about Yoru and his abilities.

It's a Russian player who managed to get his hands on the future Agent. He then shared his name, role, and a video that illustrates how the character works.

If you don't want to know more before the official communication, don't read the rest of this article.

Yoru is therefore a new duelist. As we correctly assumed three months ago, this new Agent is indeed Japanese and features symbols relating to Japanese samurai and demons.

Yoru's Abilities

Much like Omen, Yoru appears to wield shadows, illusions, and teleportation. He's capable of driving his opponents crazy. His abilities doesn't necessarily offer strategic advantages, but psychological ones. We imagine that the best Yoru players will be the players able to predict the behaviour of their opponents.

Here are his abilities, the names of which are direct translations from Russian:

C – Bait: Yoru creates a puddle on the ground that simulates footsteps and progresses in a straight line. Yoru can prepare the puddle on the ground and trigger it delayed. Enemies will hear footsteps as if it were an opposing player's movement.

This is the ability teased on Icebox, where we could see dark puddles move around and make noise.

Q – Stun: Yoru throws a bouncing orb on the ground and walls. The orb can explode to blind players for a short time.

It's probably Valorant's most classic flash grenade-like ability.

E – Unexpected Guest: Yoru places a mark on the ground. Yoru can then reactivate the ability to teleport to that mark. It's possible to send the mark forward, then it will follow a straight line.

For League of Legends players, this is an ability similar to Lissandra's claw. It allows you to flee or pursue opponents, in a versatile way.

X – Space Drift: Yoru becomes invisible and invincible for a while. He cannot use his weapons or other abilities during this time, but his speed is greatly improved.

This ability not only allows Yoru to cross the map without being seen, but also to scout around a point.

All this is, as always with leaks, to be taken with a pinch of salt. Chances are this is an old kit that hasn't been finalised or validated. But it all looks pretty solid.