A rework of Yoru for Patch 4.04?

A few weeks ago, Ryan Cousart and John Gosciki, respectively character designer and character producer, announced that Yoru should receive a rework should receive a rework in early 2022. A few days ago, a little more information was given about this.

Coleman ' Altombre ' Palm, who works on product strategies for Valorant, spoke out on the topic on Reddit, in response to a post that announced the Agent's rework for Patch 4.03. While he didn't reveal any information about the upcoming changes for the Duelist, he did say that his rework should happen around patch 4.04.

there's a very good chance that this pushes out another patch to 4.04, pending on bugs/clarity/prioritization. In general, we like to lean towards transparency when we can, but that also can generate additional confusion or frustration when those timelines don't pan out like we'd hoped. At this point, the big takeaway I'd take from this is "Yoru changes won't launch during patch 4.01 or 4.02, but we're trying to get them out ASAP." I think 4.03 is aspirational, but Act 2 (4.04) is probably more realistic. Just as a heads-up!

Altombre - Reddit

As we explained in a previous article, Yoru is an Agent who was quickly left aside after this release. His ability set was neither totally offensive nor really defensive, so players preferred other Duelists. Moreover, the character's goal was to be able to fool his opponents, which was not a great success. Very little played by amateurs and professionals alike, the teams working on Valorant decided that it was time to give him a second life.

For example, his ability Fakeout needs to be upgraded so that he can create a duplicate of himself that will run forward and create an explosion when shot, doing damage to nearby opponents.

Gatecrash will allow the Agent to teleport 20% faster than before. The skill will be audible over a shorter range and the teleportation beacon can be activated remotely to fake it for opponents.

Finally, his ultimate should also undergo changes, but we don't know more at the moment.

Along with the message from Altombre, no information was revealed about the other changes that might affect the Agent. Nevertheless, we will probably know more in the coming weeks. The new Yoru is not expected to be playable for several weeks.