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Yoru's Rework: new abilities

Announced at the end of last year, Yoru's rework is highly anticipated by the community. According to a new article published by Valorant development teams, he should arrive for Act II of Episode 4. The article also tells us a little more about the changes made to his abilities and design.

You will see double

Let's start with his ability Fakeout. If at the moment it only allows Yoru to imitate footsteps, it will become much more powerful with the rework. Indeed, the Agent will be able to create a copy of himself running forward and exploding when taking damage. In addition, before exploding, it will turn towards the person who is firing and launch a cone-shaped blind. According to the video released by Riot, enemies will be blinded for about 3 or 4 seconds.

In order for allies to be able to differentiate between the real Yoru and his copy, the latter will be represented in such a way that both are clearly identifiable. The choice of visuals has not yet been decided and the developers are still hesitating between several representations. This is also the case for the appearance of Yoru's copy when it explodes. In order to make sure that everything is homogeneous, various tests are being carried out to find out which visual will be the most suitable.

Copy of Yoru
Explosion copy of Yoru

Real or fake teleportation?

Regarding his ability Gatecrash, all the changes were already announced in previous Riot articles. In summary, the Agent will be able to teleport 20% faster and the sound of this teleportation will be audible over a shorter distance. In addition, he will be able to activate his beacon remotely to fake his teleportation.

In this new article, the developers have revealed what all these changes will look like. This fake teleportation will leave a puddle on the ground, allowing enemies to know if the sound they heard was triggered by the real Yoru passing by, or if this was all a trick by the Agent.

Changes for Dimensional Drift

Until now, no information had been communicated on the changes of the ultimate of Yoru. It's now done and there are quite a lot of them.

First, enemies will no longer be able to see the Agent when he activates his ultimate ability, regardless of the context. However, they will be able to hear his footsteps. In addition, when Dimensional Drift is active, Yoru will be able to charge and use his abilities.

In order to keep this ability from becoming too strong, it was necessary to add a few small malus. For example, the loading time of the ultimate will be increased and Yoru will take longer to switch weapons when he is in his zone, to make it harder to use Shorty at the end of the ability. His invisibility time will also be reduced and you will have to wait a certain amount of time between two invisibility moments, so as not to make the Agent completely invincible.

The aim of these changes is mainly to give the Agent the means to gain ground on his opponents while providing opportunities for his team to eliminate enemy lines. His new abilities will also allow him to collect information without being seen and put it to good use.

With this rework, there are many possibilities for Yoru's players and no doubt the Agent will be much more in demand in competition once he is taken in hand by the professional scene. In any case, these changes promise great things.