Yay joins Bleed Esports for the VCT 2024

After an eventful year for the North American super star Jaccob 'yay' WhiteakerA new adventure lies ahead in 2024. The former OpTic Gaming player is back in the spotlight by signing with Bleed Esportsfor the next edition of the Valorant Champions Tour.

Jaccob 'yay' Whiteaker made Valorant history during the Valorant Champions Tour 2022. At the time, he was playing for OpTic Gaming, one of the most successful American teams. With his old mates, he won the Masters in Reyjkavik - yay was on fire - then secured TOP 3 in Copenhagen, before reaching the Grand Final of the Valorant Champions.

Despite these excellent results, last September we learned that OpTic Gaming was not selected for the Americas League. Yay therefore looked for another team to continue his career as a professional player. That's how he started the 2023 season. at Cloud9. However, the adventure soon came to a halt for the American player, shortly after the failure of Lock In Brazil, the organisation announced its departure.

Finally, he joined the new team put together by Youtubeur Disguided Toast for the rest of the year. Once again, the results were not convincing. DSG finished last in the second split of the VCL North America, with five defeats in five games. Yay had expressed his dismay at what he was producing with his team, and his team-mates were not happy. was sorry to be paid for what was on offer.

The team having been released from its obligations at the end of the tournament, yay became a free agent again. His talent and past successes probably helped him find a new home without too much difficulty. In mid-September, Jaccob Whiteaker was already teasing his participation in the VCT in 2024 via social networks: "i will be in franchise next year. Rumour after rumour, but the time for the truth has finally arrived!

A few days ago, Bleed Esports published a video revealing the player's acquisition. As a result, yay will be taking part in a brand new circuit next year, as he enters the the Pacific League. It would appear that he wanted experiment with a new, more aggressive style of play on a daily basisto improve its own gameplay. In addition, the various dramas within the American structures and the financial instability of the NA circuit would have motivated him even more to join the Asian scene.

Especially as he's not just joining any team. For the record, Bleed Esports is one of the best teams on the Pacific scene. She first shone in the Malaysia & Singapore Challengers - winning both Splits - before shining in the region's Ascension tournament, where she emerged victorious and earned a slot in the League.

Yay, Egoist, sScary, crazyguy and Deryeon will have the chance to show what they can do early next year at the Kick-Off Tournament, the first competition of its kind. of the VCT 2024.