yay joins Disguised

The Disguised team is getting a new piece of choice for its Valorant team! Following his recent departure of Cloud9, yay joins the organisation launched by Disguised Toast and will therefore play the American VCL.

Semi-finalist at Valorant Champions 2022, yay is one of the best players in the world. The player has made a name for himself with OpTic Gaming, leading the team to the final of the VCT 2022. Despite these achievements, OpTic Gaming was not selected to participate in the VCT 2023 by Riot Games. As a result, each of the players was forced to find a new organisation in order to participate. For his part, yay was recruited by Cloud9.

Nevertheless, after five months of collaboration, the structure and the player decided to part ways. A joint decision that raised questions about the reasons given by the structure. For some, such an asset in a team should not be discarded for reasons of role incompatibility. It is all the more surprising for the general public that yay is then recruited by Disguised, a North American VCL team.

Seeing a player of his calibre move down from the VCT to the VCL may seem surprising, but joining a new structure created by an influencer has significant advantages that regular structures do not. Structures such as these allow players to take advantage of the streamer awareness and thus become better known to the general public. Thanks to their personalities, players can stand out of other professional players and benefit from a greater proximity to fans. If this is a very marked trend in France at the moment (with the teams of Mandatory, Karmine Corp or Solary), it is more rare in the United States.

For its part, Disguised needed a change to make up for its lack of level in VCL. This is why the structure is separating from Exalt, a desired departure by both parties. Yay's experience and talent will help the team to achieve better results in the future. Thus, he takes the position of Initiator within the team and will work with clear, Genghsta, steel and XXiF.

It remains to be seen whether the acquisition of such a player would allow Disguised to go further in the second split of the American VCL.