Wylde withdraws from Valorant Challengers France

Wylde, one of the world's oldest structures of the French circuitrecently revealed its withdrawal from the Challengers France. The organisation has stated that it is maintaining its activity on the Valorant stage, but has not given any further details about its future.

With Mandatory, Wylde was one of the last two structures present on the French circuit. since the introduction of the HHT system in 2022. During the first year of competition, she achieved rather mixed results. For the record, Wylde had to make do with sixth place at the end of the first segment and seventh in the next. Nevertheless, it revealed the potential of some excellent players, such as Newzera and mikeewhich have been identified and signed by Karmine Corp when it entered the second split.

Wylde then took part in the Challengers France 2023. For this new season, the Irish structure's roaster has been given a makeover. The organisation put its faith in hiro, Sevire, hype, calvin, Foxie and MAGiK. This new mix of players hit the nail on the head, landing 3/4th place overall in Split 2.

After more than two years, Wylde has decided to end his adventure on the French circuit. Recently, the organisation has announced its withdrawal from Challengers FranceIt also stated that it would not be taking part in the Valorant Coupe de France 2023. The organisation took the opportunity to thank Hiroone of its star players, who was still part of the inactive roster.

However, Wylde is not disappearing completely from the Valorant scene, as has been indicated in the communication. The club's official website states that the Valorant team is rebuilding for the 2024 Challengers So it's a safe bet that Wylde will be joining another VCL next season. Gregor Morton aka PALthe team's head coach, explained that more information would be released shortly.