Wylde reveals new VRL roster

With the return of the VRL next Monday, the teams are gradually revealing the changes in their teams. It is the turn of Wylde to present its new roster for the rest of the competition.

In the first phase of the competition, Wylde's team gave everything to reach the TOP4 and continue in the playoffs, but in vain. The players were solid, however, and conceded only two of the seven games played. With four ties and a win against our old roster, Wylde finished sixth at the end of the regular season.

The structure took advantage of the off-season to make several changes and create a brand new international team. From the initial team, this leaves only Dawn. The French player is now accompanied by Jakedx, RieNs, arch, and Keiko.

All of these players are regulars in the competition and have performed at various levels. Jakedx is a former player from the Team Heretics. More recently, he won the second stage of the Valorant Open Tour France 2022 with the Project A team. RieNs played at Surreal Esports and won the VRL Turkey: Birlik split 1 with it. arch has, among other things, taken second place in the Challengers 1 CIS in phase 3 of the VCT 2021 and most recently played for Natus Vincere. Last but not least, Keiko has participated several times in Qualifiers for both the VCT 2021 and 2022, as well as the Nordic VRL, Polaris. Wylde is determined to get their revenge on this split 2 and show the other teams in the league what it is capable of!

With all these new challengers coming on board, we are more than eager to see our new team make their debut in the competition, and face Wylde's players again! To follow the start of the second stage of the VRL France, see you on Monday 9th May!