Wo0t replaces paTiTek in the Team Heretics roster

Signed by Team Heretics last October, Wo0t will finally be taking its first steps on the EMEA stage. As a result, the club has authorised paTiTekwho has until now been a substitute, to look for new opportunities for the rest of the season. Los Ninos are here!

When Wo0t was recruited by Team Heretics during the off-season, the young player was not yet eighteen. Since he is now a major playerthe structure has chosen to restore his place in the active roster for the rest of the VCT EMEA Stage 1.

As explained by Niklas GeiẞGeneral Manager, Initially, Wo0t was to take part in the whole segment.. Two weeks have gone by, and we still haven't seen the prodigy in action. The reason for this could not be simpler: visa not confirmed in time.

Arnau VidalCEO of Team Heretics, said that staff had to "We had to make a decision to prepare for today's match [against BBL], and as the visa had not yet been confirmed, we decided to keep paTiTek for an extra match. paTiTek played his final match alongside miniboo, boo, RieNs and benjyfishy.

With the announcement of Wo0t's return to the roster, fans wonder about the team's future. These are sensible questions, bearing in mind that paTiTek made a major contribution to the team's success at Kickoff or during the match against Fnatic. Even more recently, he has been one of the most influential players in the BBL Esports roster, despite the 2-0 defeat.

Neil FinlayValorant Head Coach, answered questions from supporters, explaining that they have "always knew Wo0t would return to the roster" and that they are certain that it can be easily integrated into the system put in place over the last few months. "We knew it was going to be difficult, and we could have taken the easy way out [...] but we believe in Wo0t so it was worth the risk. I'm positive that you'll see how much his presence will improve the team in the future..

Wo0t will have a chance to showcase the full extent of its expertise next week. Team Heretics takes on Team Liquidon Wednesday 24 April. If you'd like to see his talent live for yourself, go to the Valoran Twitch channelt France, from 7pm.