Widejoy back in a temporary mode

The best inventions are sometimes born from small, unexpected mistakes, as the Tarte Tatin proves, but also Widejoy. This extra-large Killjoy was a hit on the Valorant networks in 2021 and returns in a temporary game mode of Valorant.

What is Widejoy?

During the Battlepass of Act 2, Episode 3, players could unlock a playercard called Rainfall. This one represented Killjoy in the streets of a city under the driving rain. It's a very nice banner, and it appealed to many players.

However, following the patch 3.12 of Valorant which allows players to display their banners on their profiles, especially during loading times, everything was not going as planned for Battling Rain. The banner was displayed in a very stretched way, representing an extremely large Killjoy (hence the name, Wide-Joy).

Widejoy back in temporary mode - mandatory valorant widejoy news -

Far from provoking anger or misunderstanding from players, the community has instead welcomed the feature. Widejoy has become a widely shared meme on Reddit and other community networks.

Until Riot decided to fix this problem in patch 4.01. Players were very sad to be deprived of their new favourite Agent, so Riot promised that Widejoy would return. The promise has been kept in the current Battle Pass where the ultimate reward is a map where Killjoy admires a Widejoy banner accompanied by the hashtag #SaveWidejoy.

#SaveWidejoy, the ultimate player card in Battle Pass 4.2
#SaveWidejoy, the ultimate player card in Battle Pass 4.2

Widejoy Mode

Widejoy mode allows Killjoy to be played with Widejoy proportions. You'd think she'd be a lot easier to hit, but such a large build commands enough respect from opponents to make them drop the fight.

As you can see, this is simply an April fool's joke from Riot Games. Unfortunately, they didn't push the joke to the end and the game mode is not really available. Well, officially, it's " "available for 24 hours as of yesterday", so we'll never really get to play as Widejoy.

Which is fine in itself. Nobody deserves to play a character with such charisma.

That being said, Widejoy is truly coming back in the form of graffiti! All players who log into Valorant in the next 24 hours will receive the " Accidental Renaissance " spray to commemorate Widejoy's memory.

Accidental Renaissance
Accidental Renaissance