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Why Valorant European Servers are the last updated?

In a new Ask VALORANT, Riot Games responds to several topics that get themselves talked about. Oneconcerns the Operator and echoes Morello's comments on the subject. Here, we're going to focus on a question that torments European gamers in particular: why are we the last to receive Valorant updates , and more specifically game modes?

TLDR: It's to prevent the servers from crashing.

But let's look into it. First of all, you should know that patches are carried out during off-peak period (even at night). This is of course to prevent possible problems to arise when many players just want to have a good time on Valorant.

The arrival of major new content, such as a new game mode, will naturally attract many curious people. So there will be more players on the servers than usual, and each of those players will try to start games. All of this generates a heavy load for servers that are not designed to handle such situations. By releasing patches and game modes at off-peak periods, there's a good balance between those who just want to play classic games and those who want to try new things.

The problem is, of course, that these off-peak periods don't happen at the same time all around the globe. This is the first reason why the content doesn't come out simultaneously for everyone.

Alright, it's fine but it doesn't explain why Europe is served last.

Part of this is because what is true locally is also true internationally. It turns out that the different Valorant servers are more or less interconnected. Even though Valorant matchmaking prevents French players from meeting American of Japanese players, what happens on one server can affect others..

So, if a new game mode arrives in Europe, America would logically be the next region to get it if we follow the time zones. However, Europe and American represent two huge sources of players. By lauching a game mode at 1pm in France, it would be 8pm for us when America gets it. Valorant servers would then accumulate the influx of European rush hour (boosted by the new content), as well at the influx of American players wanting to try out the game mode.

Let's recognise that even in more or less calm times, server crash sometimes. Just 2 days ago, Valorant was unavailable for many players. So imagine the release of a new Agent.

The only way to prevent this server's overload is to start with the United Stats and to end with Europe.

Finally, it must be taken into account that Valorant developers are located in the United States. It's therefore more practical for them to first launch a patch at American times. This allows them to prepare it, deploy it and monitor that everything is working on their regular working hours. They are then able to identify problems and correct them more quickly, so as not to impact other servers.

Thanks to this, we may be the region that receives patches the last, but we are the one that receives the most stable patches.

To read the full explanation of Riot Games, feel free to visit the official website of Valorant.