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Where is patch 1.11?

The 1.11 Patch Notes have been available for a few days, yet no patch is in sight. While players were hoping to get their hands on Skye before the end of Halloween holiday, the update struggles to reach us. But what happened?

Patch 1.11 was deployed on Tuesday evening on the American continent. Unfortunately, it caused a lot of bugs and crashes of games. Problems started to appear with Omen, but other bugs and glitches of all kinds, some absolutely unlikely, appeared. The slowdowns and jerks, against which the developers have been fighting for a few patches, have become more pronounced for some. More serious and strange, some players may have noticed that the 3D models of the characters were stuck horizontally after a death.

In front of the general chaos, Riot Games has decided to go back and remove Patch 1.11 from the US servers and cancel the deployment in the rest of the world for now. The official Twitter account made the announcement Tuesday night as the Valorant leads apologised.

This is a real problem and one which unfortunately recurs. Since its release, almost no patch of Valorant has been deployed without causing problems. Sometimes, Riot has to disable some maps, other times, the Agents disappear. And with each blunder, the excuses keep appearing on social networks.

We fully understand that it's very difficult to launch a game and make changes to it every two weeks, especially in the midst of a pandemic which forces the entire studio to work from home. On the other hand, the reccurence of these problems hurts the reputation of the game and its developers team, even that of Riot in general. It's imperative that the developers of Valorant become more rigorous in the deployment of patches, even if it means delaying them or making them less regular.

Anna Dolon's Tweet on the Patch's rollback

In a Ask VALORANT, Riot Games has mentioned the upcoming arrival of a PBE server for Valorant. PBE means Public Beta Environment, a beta server where Riot would deploy the patches before deploying them on the live servers where the real matches take place. This is a system that already exists in League of Legends and is open to a handful of subscribers. The arrival of such a server is surely not unrelated to the game stability issues.

No in-house developer testing session can match the experience of hundreds, if not thousands, of players. In addition to being able to test the different aspects of the game in real conditions, it also allows you to see how each patch works on a multitude of different configurations. Every PC is different, and sometimes the combination of two very specific components can create problems that are almost impossible to spot beforehand.

The arrival of a PBE server should make possible to avoid disappointements like those of Patch 1.11. Remains to be sees if the players will be invested enough to play on a server which may have bugs and where there is no progress. League of Legends benefits from a very large community and is constantly offering new skins and champions. This content naturally pushes players to want to play on the PBE. New content is rarer on Valorant, it will potentially be more difficult to motivate players.

In the meantime, we still do not know when Patch 1.11 will be deployed. If it's not tonight, it probably won't be until next week.