When a cricket team is inspired by Chamber

Recently, the Pakistani cricket team revealed on Twitter, a trailer announcing a historic match against the England team. There are various nods to Chamber's presentation video, the French Sentinel. The person behind this trailer might be a big Valorant fan!

A trailer in the colours of Chamber

Although the first images of the video do not refer directly to Chamber, a link does exist. The visible workings on the screen are largely reminiscent of the technologies used by the Frenchman. Moreover, we quickly notice that the background is made up of of gold shapes on a black background, a mix related to this agent, regarding his business card.

Identical situations

The reminders to Chamber go even further than simple geometric shapes or colour schemes. On several occasions, players from both cricket teams are staged in positions identical to those taken by Chamber in his trailer. It's almost a tribute to the Agent.

The arrival of the Cricketer
The arrival of Chamber
The player puts his foot down
Chamber puts its foot down
Movement of a player
Chamber movement
The two players who oppose each other
The two opposing Chambers

Cricket is known to be a very classy and distinguished sport. Given that Chamber is the epitome of chic and wealth, it is not surprising that the Agent was used as a model for this video.