What's in store for Act II Episode 4?

The developers of Valorant have just released a video in which Anna Donlon, the Executive Producer of the game, gives an update on what fans can expect in Act II of Episode 4.

Since the release of Valorant, the game's teams have always had high ambitions, especially as the community has always expected more. In 2020, the developers announced that they wanted to release at least six Agents and two maps per year. Despite the four Agents and two maps released in 2021, it soon became clear that this pace was not sustainable. As a result, the publishers decided that it was time to slow down and get back on track.

Please note that there will be no new Agent or map in this Act. The next Agent should only be released in Act III.

During this period, the developers will focus on the health of the game. Anna Donlon herself said, the theme of this new Act will be: strengthening the foundations. A lot of updates are expected to be released to make sure theAgents and maps are balanced, but also toimprove the ranked mode.

In addition, the Executive Producer assures that they will communicate about all the changes planned and made to the game. We already got a quick glimpse of this with the articles about Yoru's rework and the fight against the AFK. If the speech in the video is to be believed, more such articles are expected in the near future.

Nevertheless, Act II will offer you its share of skins and will even be the occasion for the developers to release the first community battle pass. So, are you looking forward to it?