What Riot learned during the closed beta of Valorant

Here we are. Valorant servers are unavailable and the closed beta is now over. While waiting he official release of the game on 2nd June, Riot Games wanted to thank the players who participated in these two months of early access.

To do so, Valorant official Twitter account has shared statistics to show the impact of the closed beta and the players have had on the game so far.

  • 1254 bugs were fixed across the beta.
  • 383 of these bugs were directly identified by players.
  • 6 Patchs have been deployed
  • 17 data centers were used worldwide
  • 2409 server crashes have occured
  • 7786 cheaters tried to get around their bans.

The various problems encountered during this beta, such as hit reg or FPS drops should be resolved by the time of release. Hopefully, Riot will also improve the stability of its servers. With 2409, that’s no less than 43 crashes per day.

The cheaters’ issue is, once more, dealt with quite severely. The French tweet says "cheh" [Editor's Note: "You got what you deserved" in Arabic], the English tweet straight says "suckers". Riot has zero tolerance and isn’t afraid to provoke players showing no fair play. They’ve detailed how they will deal with toxic and not fair play behaviours once Valorant is released.

This is probably only the first summary of the closed beta. We can expect to see many articles and presentations before the release on 2nd June.