What if Icebox was hiding the new Agent of Valorant?

The developers of Valorant love to tease the upcoming content, but also the lore (story) of this strange universe. They deliberately leave many clues about the maps, skins and menus of the game. A new map and a new combat pass were bound to be an opportunity to play detective. And if Icebox was teasing the next Agent in addition to telling us more about the lore of Valorant?

Note: The following article is based on our observations, but also on those of various Reddit and Twitter users.

It's no longer a secret now, the last card of each Battle Pass teases us the Agent of the next Act. Killjoy's Turret was visible in the Battle Pass of Act 1. The falcon of Skye is the last card in the Battle Pass of Act 2. It's therefore logical to wonder about the last card available in the Battle Pass of Act 3.

What if Icebox was hiding a new Valorant Agent? - valorant news lore memento mori 01 -

Memento Mori : Remember that you die, or less literally, remember that you are mortal. Keep that in mind, because we'll get back to it later.

Let's move on to Icebox, the new Valorant map available since patch 1.10. First of all, remember that this map was released in advance. It was slated for the release of the Chapter 2 of Valorant, but has been brought forward to meet player demands. In fact, it was thought of as the first element of Chapter 2 and is therefore probably linked to its content (and therefore to its Agent).

There are many elements to observe. A teddy bear hidden under the map, signs prohibiting (quite unfairly) snowmen, etc. But there is one element that is very easily visible from the docks: a huge beached ship, surrounded by cranes.

What if Icebox was hiding a new Valorant Agent? - valorant news lore memento mori 04 -

What's amazing about this ship is that despite being only one element of the scenery far away from the game area, it is imposing, ultra detailed and stands out a bit from the rest of the map. Its warm colours and very Asian style, all in curves, attract the eye in a cold environment and a modern and angular architecture. This ship must not be there by chance.

It so happens that when inspecting the Act 3 Battle Pass maps, we find this ship in an illustration. It shows the cranes of the map in action, extracting a very long crate from the wreckage. In order for this crate to be extracted and highlighted on a map, one imagines that it must also have a meaning. The title of the map supports this: " Ancient Secrets" . And after all, who would want a profile banner that just shows a box? If it exists, there must be a reason...

What if Icebox was hiding a new Valorant Agent? - valorant news lore memento mori 02 -

One can then wonder about the content of the create. It could be Radianite, but it has never been presented to us in this form. According to the logos on the walls of Icebox, the map is located at a research station of Kingdom, the company that studies Radianite and its effects on humans.

Now, let's look at what is on the other side of the map. Around Site A, at the opposite of the wreckage at Site B, there are tanks, one in particular.

What if Icebox was hiding a new Valorant Agent? - valorant news lore memento mori 05 -

Like the wreckage at point B, it too is out of reach and yet prominently displayed. It too uses bright colours and curves. And in this tank, we find a samurai armour, with an Oni mask. A very concrete link with the Asian ship is formed. For all this to be of interest to Kingdom, one imagines that this armour must be linked to Radianite. Perhaps the wreck contained Radianite-infused soldiers who were preserved by the cold? Perhaps this ship is the very origin of Radianite and the Agents?

Strangely enough, there's another Oni mask on a Battle Pass card. This one is called " Secret Lineage" . Both cards share the word 'secret' and seem to make a direct link between the wreck and the samurai armour. Oni are creatures, or rather manifestations, from Japanese folklore. They represent either ghosts or demons (human, divine or monstrous). They inspire death, for themselves as well as for others.

What if Icebox was hiding a new Valorant Agent? - valorant news lore memento mori 03 -

And so we come back to the first card we saw at the beginning of the article: Memento MoriRemember death. The card is accompanied by an hourglass, the sand of which has almost all run out, as if to symbolise the little time the bearer has left to live.

It's a safe bet that the Agent who comes after Skye will be connected to all this and will have something to do with Time and Death. So we can imagine a Japanese AgentA warrior who fights for honour. The Memento Mori card represents a Dog Dag, a modern military plate, anachronistic to the samurai armour. Could the future Agent be an heir of this famous secret lineage?

Of course, this is all just guesswork. The ties between the wreckage and the samurai armour seem compelling, but we have no evidence at this time that the Memento Mori is tied to the rest of the elements.

We will have to be extremely patient to find out more, however. Valorant Chapter 2 is not expected to start until January 2021.