We might deflect shots in Valorant

Valorant is far from having revealed all its secrets. A player discovered with amazement yesterday a peculiarity hitherto unknown: one could deflect in flight shots in Valorant.

It's the Reddit user Akantix who made this discovery. As an enemy Sage was shooting him with a Bulldog, the Akantix's Operator bullet appears to have deflected an opponent's shot. The Bulldog shoots 3 bullets in a short succession. One of Sage's bullets hit Akantix, but the following ones appear to have been deflected, while Akantix's bullet reached Sage and killed her.

Amazed by this, Akantix contacted the support and the latter would have confirmed to him that, in rare cases, shots could be deflected by other shots.

Valorant : Déviation des balles

The probability of such an event, however, is extremely low. Valorant shots are supposed to be hit scan, which means there's no proper bullet when shooting. It two shots can get in the way of each other, this means that the two shots were fired at the same time, that is to say 1/128th of a second (Valorant server tick rate). The timing is tight, but theoretically possible. Does this mean that the heaviest weapon wins in this scenario?

However, that's not exactly what we can see in the video when we watch it frame by frame. Sage's shot is active 2 frames before the Arkantix's.

This could be a dissonance between the server and the client, or a simple graphical bug, but all this remains surprising.

In short, we're facing a new mystery regarding the very functioning of shots in Valorant. A case study that we would like to see elucidated one day. Maybe one day, such properties will affect the outcome of matches!