We have the community we deserve.

We're closer than ever to the release of Valorant. The Riot Games' tactical FPS will be available on 2nd June 2020, from 7am in the morning. A few hours before this event, we thought that there was something important we didn't talk about yet.

Do you know the secret to have good teammates?

The release of Valorant marks the full opening of the game's servers. The community will no longer be limited to players who received access to the closed beta. Valorant will attract a very large number of new players, of all levels. This is something important to keep in mind, especially for players who already played beta.

Until now, Valorant players were necessarily interested and knew about the game. Since it was necessary to watch some games live to unlock access, Valorant players arrived in the game with a minimum knowledge about it. Many of them dropped their access after watching tournaments or following pro players explaining the game's subtleties live. It's important to keep in mind that this will no longer be the norm from the official release.

Tomorrow, Valorant will be full of players from all walks of life, from the simple curious who has never played an FPS to the veteran of competitive leagues.

We're all part of Valorant community of players.

In order for Valorant to evolve in good conditions, it's mandatory for the community to understand the role it has in this process. Online video games have the unfortunate reputation of being toxic and unwelcoming. The launch of a game such as Valorant is an opportunity to correct this. If we want Valorant to remain a game easy to access and where everyone has a good time, we must set the tone from the start. How the community is seen will depend a lot on these first few weeks following the launch.

The first impression is very important, it's up to us give the best one possible. A game where you can't play your first game without being insulted because you haven't yet figured out how to cast a spell or where to plant the Spike can only discourage potential players. Try to be patient with your teammates. Explain the game to them, while accepting that everyone has their own learning pace. Ranked will not be available at game's launch so you will only be playing unrated games. And even if they are available, you should never forget that Valorant is above all a game and is made for players to have fun, not to go for the throat of each other to take it out on them.

Toxicity is not inevitable. We're all part of the Valorant community and it's up to each of us to do our best to be known for being warm and exemplary.

The importance of patience, teaching skills and fun

Before being able to 360 no-scope on Valorant, we all discovered FPS by aiming at our feet, unable to manage movement and aim at the same time. The day you start to think that other players are not worthy of you, remember that you were that player yourself. The novices of today will be your carries of tomorrow. Just give them a little time.

New players will do their best to discover and learn the game. Do your best to tolerate, welcome and help them. We count on those who already have a two-months lead to show the qualities of Valorant; from its tactical richness to the most funny and impressive situations. But we also and above all rely on the community to remain united and inclusive.

The more players will feel at ease on Valorant, the more they will play, improve and bring a lot to other players too. This is how a community is build and how an online video game can be successful. If you love Valorant, love its players.

Don't take the game too seriously. Don't take yourself too seriously. Have fun, with joy, good humour and respect for each other.