WARM UP, the cinematic of Episode 4 Act 1

Episode 4 of Valorant, Disruption, is about to begin and to mark the occasion, the FPS publisher has offered its community a video featuring some of the game's Agents.

Titled WARM-UP, the cinematic takes us into the heart of Valorant's headquarters, where the Agents seem to be resting after a training session. Phoenix arrives, bragging about his results and his ability to beat the others, even though all the scores are identical. Convinced that he is the best at all the games, he is challenged by Cypher to a game of chess.

Unconvinced by this proposal, he finally goes up against Raze and Killjoy's latest invention, a robot ostensibly dedicated to housework and that has been enhanced for combat. Described as 'the perfect blend of tactics and firepower', it allows the Agents to train against themselves.

Phoenix is the first to try to beat it and bites the dust while the others look on, especially Yoru who takes great pleasure in betting on the robot's victory. One after the other, all the Agents except cypher try to defeat the machine, without success.

In the end, it's obvious that it is impossible to win alone. This is the moral of the video, the strong point that Riot Games wanted to emphasise. Valorant is a team game and you have to learn to work with your allies to outwit your enemies and win.

As Cypher says, ' winning requires sacrifice'. He makes his teammates understand that together they can triumph, even if some have to die. The end of the video shows the Agents united to defeat the robot, which they finally do.

In addition to sending a strong message to its community through this video, Riot Games is also offering high-quality content, as it has done for several years now on League of Legends for the start of the new seasons. Many positive comments have been posted on social networks, and fans have given the cinematic a very positive reception. So much so that many fans are already calling for a series for Valorant, just like Arcane.

Cinematics never disappoint, the VFX, character shading, rim lights, EVERYTHING, it's so phenomenal.

@polaqwym - Twitter

So when can we expect our Arcane-style Valorant show? Your cinematics have always been at the Pixar level caliber where’s it’s actually indistinguishable.

@DaltonChambers5 - Twitter

Riot teaming up with Netflix go make Arcane was amazing… Hope they do the same for a Valorant anime.

@AustinWrs - Twitter

We also hope that this will happen one day, but in the meantime, we will continue to enjoy the cinematics that the game offers us!

See you on 12th January to discover Episode 4 Act 1, and enjoy the new Agent, Neon.