VRL Challengers CIS: Milestone returns in 2023

Last year, the Ukraine-Russia conflict impacted the Valorant competitive scene to the extent that some VCT matches were postponed in the EMEA region. At the lower level of the competition, Riot Games had taken the decision to suspend the VRL Challengers CIS. After the announcement of new entries, in Italy and Portugal, the studio announced the takeover of the league in the CIS region.

Last August, Riot Games unveiled its plans for the Valorant Regional Leagues in 2023. The first change concerned the name of the circuit itself, as the VRLs are now called Challengers. In addition, the studio explained that it wanted to export the system outside of Europe to the Pacific and America.

We also learned that new leagues would be created in Europe, notably in Italy, Portugal and in Eastern Europe. However, no information had been communicated about the possible return of the VRL Challengers CIS, which was put on pause due to the conflict in Ukraine. It is now a fact, the official VRL account having relayed the great return of this league.

With no further information from Riot Games at the moment, it is assumed that the countries involved in this league will be the same as last year. It is possible that some of the teams that qualified will be invited to participate in the new season.

As stated in Riot's communication, we should have more information in the coming months, both on the VRL Challengers CIS, and the overall Challengers EMEA format.