Vote for your favourite FragArtist

Do you remember the FragArtist competition launched by Riot Games last February? Well you can now vote for your favourite action.

The contest #FragArtist was launched by Valorant France a few weeks ago and gave players the opportunity to record their best (or worst!) in-game actions and post them on Twitter. Three categories were highlighted: pure skill, clutch and epic fail.

The best actions were initially selected by a jury of quality including Lutti, WiPR, Emash, Maylie and Kitty, in a show broadcast in March. In each category, four clips were chosen and their authors were rewarded. As a reminder, this top 4 included :

  • 1st: Jett's or Phoenix's Statuette + Valorant Jogging + Valorant Sweat
  • 2nd : Jogging Valorant + Sweat Valorant
  • 3rd: Valorant Jogging + Omen T-Shirt
  • 4th: Omen T-Shirt + Valorant Cap

However, Riot Games had announced that the community would also be able to choose their favourite action from those previously selected on the show presented by Lutti. 

Voting began on Tuesday 3rd May in the early afternoon and will remain open until 4th May in the morning. To vote, simply visit the Official French Twitter of the game.

The FragArtist chosen by the community will receive a special prices, i.e. an illustrated picture of their action. Not bad, eh? So don't hesitate to vote for the action you think is the most fun, but do it quickly, you don't have much time!