Vitality presents its new roster for the next VRL France

The VRL France Revolution resumes today. Successively, the structures presented the changes they have made to their team, to stack all the odds in their favour. Team Vitality can now count on BONECOLD, baddyG, H1ber, nataNk, in addition to ceNder.

In the first split, the Vitality team finished in 5th place at the end of the regular season. Although they were unable to play the playoffs, they fought back and only lost one game to Team BDS. The other six games ended in 1 win and 5 ties.

Before starting the second part of the competition, the structure decided to make several changes in its team. It is around ceNder, they have therefore chosen to rebuild their roster. The Lithuanian player is now accompanied by BONECOLD, baddyG, H1ber and nataNk.

Vitality is thus able to call on the talents of excellent players. BONECOLD is none other than the former in-game leader of Acend, the team with which he won the first EU Masters 1 during the VCT 2021, but above all the Valorant Champions 2021. baddyG, was a substitute at FunPlus Phoenix, a structure that evolves in the VCT. With this team, he played and won, the Challengers 1 Final. In the previous split, H1ber was fighting in the Spanish VRL Rising as part of Team KOI. And finally, nataNk, has also played official matches, but in the VRL East: Surge, with the team Anarthosis Famagusta Esports.

This second phase of the VRL France signs the arrival of the KCORP on Valorant, but also the arrival of MAD Lions in the French competition. We can't wait to see our team compete with these new challengers, as well as with Vitality. The matches promise to be intense and exciting!

While waiting for this first battle between Mandatory and Vitality, the structure starts this split with a match against Wylde's new roster. The match is scheduled to start at 8pm this evening.