Vitality and Liquid win on day four of VCT EMEA

On the fourth day of the VCT EMEA, Vitality and Liquid won against their opponents. KOI and FUT Esports. The losing teams did not only have a lot to prove, their opponents were much more present and were able to make the difference during these matches.

Vitality dominates KOI

MAP 1 - Split
Vitality 13 - 9 KOI

MAP 2 - Fracture
Vitality 15 - 13 KOI

Both winners of their first match, the match was going to be explosive. KOI had started the split very well by beating NaVi, one of the best European teams. Vitality, on the other hand, went out, but not without difficulty, winner of the match against Team Heretics. The French structure had to beat a Spanish team again to establish its domination over our favourite rivals.

Vitality wins against KOI - Map 1
Image from VRL.GG

On Split, the Bees were struggling to contain the Spanish offensives. Nevertheless, thanks to the work of BONECOLD and the shorty of Twisten, the team eventually rallied to win the game 7-5 for KOI.

Once on attack, Vitality had perfect control of its rotations and its grip on the A site. The individuality of each of them as well as the teamwork made the difference. Helpless, KOI was forced to give up several rounds to their opponent, to the great pleasure of the Bees. And it was after 22 rounds that Vitality won 13-9 on Split.

Vitality wins against KOI - Map 2
Image from VRL.GG

Everything seemed to be going well for the rest of the game. However, KOI's strategies surprised Vitality and cost them the bonus round and their economy at the beginning of the game. Nevertheless, Vitality eventually adapted to the Spanish game thanks to some retakes of well-coordinated sites. The duo MOLSI - Twisten also sparkled at the end of the period. And it was with a score of 8-4 that the team has completed this first side.

This time in defence, KOI has not said its last word. As observed earlier in the game, the Spanish have more than one trick up their sleeve. The bucky of koldamenta and the superb Cypher of Wolfen countered the Bees' attacks. All along, Vitality tried to change their offensive strategies but their attempts failed every time. By the time KOI scored their twelfth round, Vitality had their backs against the wall and it was two well-crafted attacks that brought the French back into the game.

Once in overtime, KOI scored its first and last point of the game. The French opted for a quick and efficient offensive strategy. A quick round that ended with an explosive rocket from Raze. Thus, the team scored its first point and did not intend to stop there.

Thereafter, the strong defence of cENDER had the upper hand on the Spaniards and Vitality was simply unstoppable. The Bees then won this second map with a score of 15-13 as well as the match against KOI.

Liquid wins against FUT Esports

MAP 1 - Lotus
Liquid 10 - 13 FUT Esports

MAP 2 - Split
Liquid 13 - 6 FUT Esports

MAP 3 - Ascent
Liquid 13 - 6 FUT Esports

Liquid defeats FUT - Map 1
Image from VRL.GG

Just before Vitality's win, another match took place, pitting Liquid against FUT Esports. Thanks to a remarkable run at the LOCK//IN and a recent win over Heretics, FUT Esports were named favourites for this match, but it was far from a foregone conclusion. Liquid, on the other hand, did not want to repeat their past defeats.

The beginning of the match was played on Lotus. And after a complicated start against the Turkish offensives, Liquid managed to adapt and to come back to the score during the first half. Nevertheless mojji and his companions eventually thwarted Liquid's strategy to bypass the attackers. Thus, the first side ended with a slight lead for FUT Esports, with a score of 7-5.

Liquid quickly mastered its offensive phases once armed. FUT Esport was fooled by the patience and baits of their opponents. Liquid scored five rounds in a row and eventually outplayed the Turks. However, the Turks were more patient and organised and took over the sites one by one until they won the first map with a score of 13-10.

Liquid defeats FUT - Map 2
Image from VRL.GG

Once on Split, after a difficult start, Liquid had no choice but to win this round. After a difficult start, Liquid went on a killing spree. With each round won, the Turks were swept away. The team alternated between quick entries and much more patient rounds, to the point of waiting for the last thirty seconds. Like the first map, the score was 7-5 at the side change. The team had a slight advantage going into the second half.

In defence, Liquid only gave their opponent one round. Also wanting to play on patience, FUT Esports found themselves up against something stronger than themselves. Between the defence of soulcas and nAts, the dizzying ACS of Sayf, with the help of a number of other players, and perfectly timed rotations for Liquid, the team gave their opponents no chance. This is how the second round ended with a severe 13-6 in favour of the Dutch.

Liquid defeats FUT - Map 3
Image from VRL.GG

The last pitch of their confrontation was Ascent. The first half was complicated for both teams. Sayf once again impressed both players and spectators on his Jett. This monster of individual skill , however, did not allow his team to take the lead during the attacking side. The two teams were neck and neck and the second game started with a tie, 6-6.

Once in Defence, Liquid was imperial and did not even leave a single round to its opponent. The defence was such that there were always only a few opposing players left to eliminate to win the rounds. Despite the various attacks, sometimes by the middle of the map, sometimes by the main, FUT Esports was unable to break the opposition's formation. The final match saw some impressive moves from the players. After such domination, the team won again on a very solid 13-6. Liquid won the match against FUT Esports.

After a few days' break, the VCT EMEA will soon resume and new matches are scheduled from 5th April. The next match will be between Vitality and FUT Esports, this Wednesday 5th April at 9pm. Liquid, meanwhile, will face Karmine Corp on Friday 7th April at 6pm. If you want to follow the matches, go to the Twitch channel of the French League.