Viper finally reaches 50% winrate

Since his release, Viper has struggled to find her place among the other Agents of Valorant, but this will not last. Yesterday, we learned that the poisoner has a 50% winrate for the first time, making her an officially balanced Agent.

A slow redemption

Viper had a very difficult start. At launch, her poison hurt her allies and her Toxic Screen was unable to go through walls, making her one of the least interesting and viable Agents. However, the regular buffs that Viper has received have allowed her to increase her impact in-game and slowly seduce players. Since these improvements, Viper has also found her place in professional teams, especially on Icebox. At Challengers 2 EU for example, she has a pick rate of 86% on the winter map. So it took a while before the community got the best out of the poisoner.

According to statistics from Valorbuff shared on Reddit, Viper would now be the controller with the highest winrate with 50% wins. However, Riot Altombre joined the discussion and commented on some of the data. He relies on Riot's internal statistics, which are more complete than Valorbuff's, and confirms Viper's winrate. However, he says that Brimstone is the controller with the best winrate, even if the gap between the two Agents is rather small. 

Viper remains a niche pick

Although Viper's winrate is increasing, the same can't be said of her popularity. Altombre reminds us that Viper remains a niche pick, with a selection rate lower than the 19.6% displayed on Valorbuff. It's not surprising to have discrepancies between the sources, as there is no official database to access the statistics of all Valorant players. Thus, sites like Valorbuff or Blitz can only have the data of people using their tools and these are generally used by players of a higher level than casual players. They are therefore not representative of the majority of players.

Ultimately, Viper is still a rather unselected and situational Agent as on Icebox. However, the fact that she finally reached a 50% winrate shows that used the right way, she can be useful and help her team win. Future buffs or meta changes will perhaps allow her to fully seduce players, in the manner of Sage or Jett.