Team SMG's big win over Evil Geniuses GC

The kick-off of the Game Changers Championship 2023 was announced late yesterday. In the second match, Singapore's Team SMG defeated Evil Geniuses GC with style. On Lotus, they proposed a composition with no less than four duellists. It was an unexpected selection, but it paid off.

With three sites to defend or attack, Lotus generally requires a Sentinel, a Controller and an Initiator, in addition to the Duelists. In official matches, teams sometimes choose compositions that are a little different from those usually played, in order to surprise their opponents.

And to be surprised, the Evil Geniuses GC have most likely been... The players from Team SMGhave decided to select Phoenix, Reyna, Neon Raze and Cyphermaking a total of four Duelists!

This choice has not failed to provoke reactions from professional players, such as Jinggg which commented "And I thought Paper Rex was crazy". and the French casters, as well as all the spectators who attended the match. The composition was all the more strange in that eneriiCypher in this match is normally the Duelist specialist. With Evil Geniuses GC picking the Attack to begin with, Team SMG was about to come up with a brand new Defence.

And the least we can say is that this composition worked! Forced to play very aggressively, Alexy and her team-mates left their opponents no room for manoeuvre. completely dominated the first half. Even in a retake situation, they were more comfortable and better coordinated. At the changeover, the Singaporeans had a comfortable lead, 9-3. And it didn't take them long to score the missing points once they were on the attack. Team SMG finally came out on top 13-3 in just forty minutes.

We salute the performance ofeneriiwho racked up 21 eliminations, 7 assists and 6 kills in her time as Cypher. With an ACS of 344 and a rating of just under 2, it's hardly surprising that the player was awarded the title of MVP of the match.

Unsurprisingly, during the post-match interview, enerri spoke about their choice of the day, and against all expectations... it wasn't a choice at all. It appears that the SMGs made a mistake during the selection processthinking they could change their pick. So there was no strategy behind this composition. A fine performance that demonstrates their ability to adapt even in this kind of situation.

Although this time it seems that the choice was made by mistake, it's not the first time that they've offered compositions based on 4 Agents of the same class. In the past, Team SMG has unveiled a compo with 4 Sentinels on Havena 13-1 win over Global Esports Phoenix, and another with 4 Initiators on PearlThey were also victorious, beating Point of Authority Blossom 13-1.

In the end, Team SMG won the second card with a more conventional line-up and progressed to the semi-finals. There they will face G2 Gozenwho were victorious in their match against Team Liquid Brazil.