Team Vitality and Giants Gaming win on Day 11 of the VCT EMEA

All over the world, the teams of the franchised leagues are competing one after the other. During the eleventh day of the VCT EMEA, Team Vitality faced the French Karmine Corp, while Giants Gaming faced BBL Esports. We offer you a recap of these two matches, which ended in victory for Vitality on the one hand, and Giants Gaming on the other.

Vitality hits the spot

MAP 1 - Ascent
Vitality 13 - 2 Karmine Corp

MAP 2 - Split
Vitality 13 - 6 Karmine Corp

MAP 3 - Lotus
Not played

When Team Vitality and Karmine take to the stage in Hall 17 of Messe Berlin, both teams already have several VCT EMEA matches under their belt. Before the start of the match, , the Bees had two wins for one loss, placing them among the best teams in the league, while Karmine Corp lost two of their three games. This new confrontation was an opportunity for them to get back into the game; however, the match was tough and they ended up losing 2-0.

Vitality wins against Karmine Corp on Ascent - VCT EMEA
Image from VRL.GG

To start this match, the French Karmine Corp chose to face their opponents on Ascent. Very aggressive, Team Vitality easily won the first two rounds, before losing the bonus round. This predictable defeat was only one of two points scored by the Karmine Corp on this map. With the numerous eliminations of ceNder, Vitality quickly takes over and sets the pace. Only Nivera's 4K with the Operator, during round 9, the Bees' Momentum is stopped.

Unfortunately for his team, the rest was very short-lived. Destrian responded with a strong defence in the middle of the map and in turn eliminated four enemies. At the changeover, Vitality led 10-2, a comfortable lead that allowed them to win without delay. Destrian even took advantage of the last round to confirm his dominance, taking down three enemies with precision and efficiency. Final score: 13 - 2.

Vitality wins against Karmine Corp on Split - VCT EMEA
Image from VRL.GG

Galvanised by their previous victory, the Vitality set off on Split full of determination. Always very aggressive, they put their opponents to the sword in the first round - won thanks to a 4K from BONECOLD. One win, two wins, three wins, four wins, five wins. They are simply unstoppable... Well, almost! During the sixth round, sh1n manages to take down four opponents to allow XMS to defuse the Spike. With plenty of credits in the bank, Team Vitality did not feel the effects of this mistake and continued to dominate the first half. The team was leading 11-1 at the changeover.

If the victory was gradually taking shape, it was without counting on the return in force of the Karmine Corp. sh1n shines again, by pushing back the enemies who try to return on the stormed site, and offers an easy victory to his team. The French team then scored their second point and didn't stop there. They won the next four rounds.

It is Destrian who will stop their ascent. In round 18, he eliminates two players, including the Spike holder, with 20 seconds left in the time limit. The Karmine Corp finds itself unable to plant and prefers to withdraw to save weapons.

A new round for Destrian is another opportunity to bring down opponents. Thus, one last time in the evening, he managed to bring Newzera and ScreaM to their knees as they tried to retreat. In doing so, he sows chaos in the minds of his opponents, who all soon fall. Final score: 13 - 6. Destrian's hard work on this match is obviously commended; at the end of the two maps, he gets an excellent rating of 1.73 and a superb KDA of 35/13/18.

BBL Esports loses to Giants Gaming

MAP 1 - Icebox
Giants Gaming 13 - 10 BBL Esports

MAP 2 - Split
Giants Gaming 13 - 3 BBL Esports

MAP 3 - Fracture
Not played

The meeting between Vitality and Karmine Corp was not the only one of the day. In fact, it was the second one, as BBL Esports and Giants Gaming took the stage before them. With this fourth match, the Turkish team of BBL Esports tried to end their losing streak, but to no avail.

BBL Esports loses to Giants Gaming on Icebox - VCT EMEA
Image from VRL.GG

However, they did not lose out. On Icebox, they fought hard. AslanM4shadoW, effective and even got a 4K twice, casting doubt on his opponents. Nevertheless, Giants Gaming was clearly not here to be stepped on. Cloud, hoody and nukkye, they were decisive in the crucial moments and managed to defuse more than one of the opponents' attacks.

At the changeover, the game was extremely close, with the counters showing 7-5 in favour of the Giants. In the second half, BBL Esports came back into the game, even taking the lead for a set. However, it was Giants Gaming who won the map after more than an hour of electric play. Final score: 13-10.

Giants Gaming crushes BBL Esports on Split - VCT EMEA
Image from VRL.GG

On Split, the Giants Gaming are unstoppable on the map they have chosen for the rest of the match. Despite conceding the first two rounds, nukkye, Cloud and rhyme did not lose their heads. Accompanied by their two other sidekicks, they tore into the opposition's defences, won their duels and went on a winning streak, so much so that they were leading 9-3 at the changeover. Despite their attempts to outwit the Giants' game plans, BBL Esports eventually lost 13-3.

The next match of the regular season will see the players of Team Heretics and Team Liquid face off. This match is scheduled for Wednesday 19th April at 8pm. If you want to follow the matches, please visit the Twitch channel of the French League.