VCT: Phase 3 Programme

The Valorant Champions Tour is about to enter its Phase 3. This is the last phase before the last chance tournaments and the Valorant Champions. The recipe is changing once again and the organisers have decided to add a new stage to each Challengers.

VCT EU Phase 3 Schedule

  • Registration to Qualifier 1: from 18th to 26th June
  • Open Qualifier Challengers 1: from 28th to 30th June
  • Closed Qualifier Challengers 1: from 30th June to 2nd July
  • Challengers 1: from 7th to 11th July
  • Registration to Qualifier 2: from 12th to 18th July
  • Open Qualifier Challengers 2: from 20th to 22nd July
  • Closer Qualifier Challengers 2: from 22nd to 24th July
  • Challengers 2: from 28th July to 1st August
  • Challengers EMEA: from 12th to 22nd August
  • Masters 3: dates not yet known

Challengers EU

The Challengers 1 changes somewhat its usual format. This time it's open to 512 teams in a direct elimination bracket. If the first rounds is played as BO1s, all subsequent rounds will be BO3. The top 8 teams from the Open Qualifiers will face 8 teams invited to the Closed Qualifiers (the top teams from the previous Challengers that failed to qualify), a double elimination tournament. The top 8 teams from the Closed Qualifier will (finally!) meet for the different main events. In the end, only 6 European teams will advance to the EMEA Challengers.

Challengers EMEA

The Challengers EMEA returns. The twelve best teams from Europe, Turkey and the Commonwealth of the Independent States will compete to determine which teams will go on to the Masters 3.

The teams will be divided into a double elimination bracket. All matches will be played in BO3, except for the finals in BO5.

The four best teams will join the Masters 3 in Berlin. In Phase 2, only 2 teams joined the Masters

VALORANT Masters 3

The Valorant Masters 3 will be international, as was the Masters 2. This time, it's in Berlin that the competition will take place. We don't yet have the dates for the event, but it's difficult to see how it could be held before September. It's necessary to give time to the qualified teams to prepare the VISAs and the various procedures during the COVID period.

"I didn't understand anything, is that normal?"

Either we are doing a poor job of explaining the competitive circuit or it's simply incomprehensible to anyone who does not scrutinise it. A single Valorant Challengers now consists of 3 different tournaments with different formats. The dates of the tournaments overlap and the players will have to play a large number of matches in a very limited period of time.

It's going to be hard to explain to the esports-curious that the match they're watching right now is an Open Qualifier knockout match, but the next match is part of a double elimination Closed Qualifier where new teams enter the game.

VCT : Programme de la Phase 3 - valorant champions tour esports meta -

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