VCL France 2023 Split 2 Teams

In France, the first split of the VCL 2023 ended with the victory of Supra Beaux Gosses and a very good second place for Mandatory. With the current format of the Challengers, there is no promotion-relegation tournament between the two splits of the season. Therefore, our players and the majority of the teams already present will return to compete for the title of Champions. However, as some teams were looking for a new structure for the rest of the competition, some new names appear. These include the case of Solary.

All Split 2 teams

VCL France 2023 Split 2 teams - valorant vrl france team mandatory -

HyP- kAdavra - Akumaaaaa - Goaster - TheBigFiz

wylde logo

FoxieGG - Magik - hiro - hype - Sevire

Logo Team - Solary - Valorant

juseu - b2kk - Kinguyen - memset - Amilwa

Valiant team logo

NeskaaS - LeeN - Cyv0ph - Sacake - Jesse

3DMax Team Logo

Davidp - Killu - Oorime - B1GGY - bRAAHH

Logo Team - Akroma - Valorant

Jakexd - OniBy - TiduS - 10K - MatéliaN

The Split 2 teams of the VCL France 2023 - team zerance logo -

Babax - Veqaj - Mercury - DarkLight - lux9

Team logo - Joblife

rodeN - YaYax - so0n - Martcylinho - nayte

Team Logo - BLX UTD

BLX United
MaximN - Monstrum - Slurpy - q - ri4d

Logo Team - Gentle Mates

Gentle Mates (ex-SBG)
Wailers - logaNN - TakaS - nataNk - beyAz

New teams...

As in the first Split, ten teams will try to win the title of French Champion. If the number of qualifiers has not changed, the teams present are not exactly the same.

The main novelty of this second Split is of course the arrival of Solary in the competition. The French structure recently acquired three ex-Heet players, namely Kinguyen, b2kk and memset, after they left their former home. The team is completed by juseu and Amilwa. Between the VRL France and the Coupe de France, for example, they have both participated in numerous tournaments in the past and have proven themselves many times over. The organisation thus has talented and experienced players to make a strong entry into the League.

The other new face of the League is Akroma ; a new name, but well known players. Behind this structure are some of the former beGenius players, which for a time became the Autobahn. Of the five original members, only three have joined Akroma. They are Jakexd, OniBy and TiduS. Akroma has put together a 100% French-speaking roster for this Split 2, also signing 10K and hrZXv3. Both of them have experience of competition, the first having even participated in the VRL last year with Valar Morghulis.

As for Gentle Mates, the name of the team was changed when it was announced that it was Supra Beaux Gosses. The name of the team was changed when Squeezie, Gotaga and Brawks have made their new esports structure official.

... and changes in players

Mandatory, SBG, Wylde, Zerance and Valiant have left their rosters untouched, but other structures have chosen to revise all or part of their players. This is notably the case of 3DMax. After poor results in the first Split, the organisation has parted company with its former roster. The team is therefore revamped and now welcomes Davidp, Killu, Oorime, B1GGY, bRAAHH.

BLX UTD, formerly Sector One, has been rebuilt for this second split. q, ri4d and MaximeN are joined by Slurpy and Monstrum. The team continues to compete under this name, but remains open to proposals, as they are still looking for a structure to accompany them.

With the announced departure of Killu, who finally joined the 3DMax roster, Joblife had to find a fifth player. Nayte, who played the first split at BLX UTD, was chosen. This was a good decision, as he specialises in duellist, a role that was missing from the team until now.

All Mandatory matches will be commented by ZeratoR directly on Twitch channel. If you wish to follow the other Split 2 meetings, please refer to the League's Twitch channel.